The Best Business Travel Backpack

While it might not be as fun as the average vacation, business travel is an important part of many jobs. The main downside? You'll be dealing with security lines, long flights, and a hectic schedule. 

Of course, even though you'll have to endure these challenges, you can still make things easier for yourself. 

Instead of opting for a clunky suitcase, streamline and simplify your trip by bringing the best business travel backpack. Believe it or not, doing so can make your already crazy schedule far more convenient. 

The fact is, the Sunny 16 Voyager Backpack is the best there is for a business travel backpack. Want to find out exactly how you can benefit from owning one?

Why a Business Travel Backpack?

Best Business Travel Backpack for Work

As a regular business traveler, you might be used to lugging around a clunky suitcase. Not only is the bulk and weight inconvenient, but it's also expensive. 

To store luggage on a plane you can expect to pay $30 dollars for one bag, and $40 dollars or more for every additional bag. This might not seem like a big deal at first, but if you do a lot of business travel, it can really add up. 

Instead, using the Voyager as a business travel backpack is far more efficient.

The bag is 18”H X 13”W X 8”D and 31L, which makes it the perfect size for a carry-on or overhead bag. The largest size you're allowed on a plane is 22”H X 14”W X 9”D, or 45L. That means the Voyager is a nice compact choice for your travels, while also having enough space for the essentials.

And space you'll have, as this stylish bag boasts modular, soft padded dividers that will keep your gear safe and organized. It also includes a dedicated, protective sleeve in the main compartment for your 16" laptop or tablet.

Makes Traveling a Breeze

Best Business Travel Backpack for Work - Luggage Passthrough - Sunny 16 Bags

The Voyager's size and storage capabilities make it a breeze to travel with as a business travel backpack.

Whether you're loading up a car or trekking across a city by foot, you'll be ready for any situation. The Voyager's size makes it easy to store in tight spaces and subtly kick around meetings. At the same time, its size is also effortlessly comfortable during long walks.

You'll also have easy access to all of your essentials, as the Voyager has quick side access and streamlined compartments.

Overall, ease comes natural to the best business travel backpack. That's why it's the best backpack for business travel 2022.

Safe & Secure

Best Business Travel Backpack for Work - TSA Approved Lock

You can't have a great business travel backpack without safety and security. Luckily, the Voyager will protect your important gear against the elements and people.

As a business traveler, you probably know the pain of retrieving your wet luggage from the airport baggage claim. The Voyager is made from durable waxed canvas and waterproof tarpaulin, so you'll never have to worry about the weather again. 

Plus, you'll have security against anyone with ill intentions as well. You can use the hidden zipper and anti-theft clamshell opening to secure your equipment. Or, you can make your bag even more secure with this high quality, durable cable lock

Either way, you'll be able to walk around any neighborhood with confidence.

Comfortable & Convenient

Best Business Travel Backpack - Laptop and Tablet Storage

Another reason why the Voyager is the best business travel backpack is it's incredible convenience and comfort. 

For comfort, this backpack features both padded shoulder straps and padding on the back made of light, breathable material. You’ll have comfort during extended periods of time wearing it, and keep cool when it’s hot out.

And when it comes to convenience, you'll find it everywhere you look. With the Voyager, your gear will be organized, easy to access, and a breeze to carry around. Another reason why bringing it is your business travel backpack is a great idea. 

Business Travel Backpack Accessories

Best Business Travel Backpack - Tech Pouch

Having the Voyager as your business travel backpack might be the perfect situation, but you can still benefit from some extras. Here are some of the best accessories you can bring with you on your next business trip:

  • Portable Power Bank: Whether you’re on the go all day or dealing with foreign outlets, a portable power bank can be a real lifesaver. With it, you’ll never have to worry about running low on battery.
  • Sunny 16 Tech Pouch: This small bag has a surprisingly big capacity, on top of being made from a heavy-duty, durable and waterproof fabric. It also has a cable passthrough that allows you to charge all your devices. 
  • Silk Face Mask: We’re all used to them by now, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still be unpleasant during travel. Luckily, this silk face mask will keep you comfortable and protected during your business trip. 

With all of these accessories, you can turn a stressful business trip into a worthwhile adventure.  

How to Pack a Backpack for Business Travel

Now that you know why the Voyager is the best business travel backpack, you’re ready to make the most of your next trip! Be sure to let us know in the comments where your company has you headed next.

And, if you want to learn more about pack efficiently, check out our article on how to pack a backpack for travel.

The Ultimate Business Travel Backpack 

Finding a smartly designed travel backpack that is carry-on sized is not an easy thing. Especially when it comes to business travel. 

You’ll need a backpack with a laptop compartment (that fits atleast 16”), anti-theft zippers, weatherproof/waterproof materials, sleek enough to work within the office and big enough for extended trips.

We designed the Voyager Backpack with all of these in mind so that you never have another mishap at the airport again. While our backpack is designed for camera equipment and hiking, it also works well when you’re going in and out of airports for your next work trip.