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Nomad 20L Roll Top Backpack

Nomad 20L Roll Top Backpack

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Meet the Nomad 20L Roll Top Travel Backpack. The perfect companion for travelers by travelers. Crafted with a sleek design and high functionality, this waterproof roll top backpack is engineered to withstand the rigors of daily commuting, city travel, and adventurous getaways. Combining a minimalistic aesthetic with superior practicality, this roll top travel backpack is your go-to solution for keeping your belongings safe, dry, and organized wherever your journey takes you.


Durable Waterproof Material

The Nomad 20L Roll Top Travel Backpack is constructed from premium, durable materials that ensure longevity and resilience. This roll top waterproof backpack is designed to protect your valuables from the elements, making it an ideal choice for outdoor adventures or unpredictable weather conditions. Experience peace of mind knowing your belongings are safe in the best roll top backpack on the market.

Padded Laptop and Tablet Compartment

Stay connected and productive on the go with the dedicated padded compartment that securely fits your 16" laptop and tablet. This roll top laptop backpack provides superior protection against bumps and impacts, ensuring your devices remain safe. It's the perfect leather roll top backpack for professionals and students who need to carry their tech essentials.

Unrivaled Comfort

Designed with your comfort in mind, the Nomad 20L features ergonomic shoulder straps and a breathable back panel. Whether you're navigating through the city or hiking up a trail, this top-rated rolling backpack distributes weight evenly, reducing strain and fatigue.

Ultra Lightweight

Weighing in at just under 1.3 pounds, this roll top backpack is ultra-lightweight, making it easy to carry all day long. Despite its lightness, it doesn't compromise on durability or functionality, offering you a robust and reliable roll up backpack experience.

Spacious Main Compartment

The spacious main compartment is perfect for carrying clothes, books, and other essentials. This roll top travel backpack provides ample storage for your daily needs, ensuring you have everything you need at your fingertips. Its expandable design allows the roll top storage to increase from 18L to 20L, giving you extra space when you need it.

Expandable Rolltop Storage

The Nomad 20L's innovative expandable rolltop storage can adjust from 18L to 20L. This feature is particularly useful for accommodating extra items on your daily commute or city travel, making it one of the most versatile roll top backpacks available.

Two Side Pockets

Conveniently store water bottles, umbrellas, or other quick-access items in the two side pockets. These pockets are designed for easy access and additional storage, enhancing the practicality of this mens roll top backpack.

Carry-On Approved Backpack

Perfect for air travel, this roll top backpack fits as a carry-on backpack, complying with most airline size regulations. Travel with ease and efficiency, knowing your essentials are within reach in this versatile and stylish backpack roll top.


  • Capacity: 18L (Expandable to 20L)
  • Dimensions: 18" x 11" x 5"
  • Weight: 1.9 lbs
  • Material: Durable, waterproof fabric
  • Laptop Compartment: Fits up to a 15" laptop
  • Tablet Compartment: Fits up to a 10" tablet
  • Side Pockets: 2 external side pockets
  • Closure Type: Roll top

Material & Care

Every element of The Nomad 20L rolltop backpack is made with premium materials that are built to last. The body of the bag is made from waterproof material that will handle a good amount of water.

Care Instructions To remove dust or dirt, use a lightly dampened lint-free cloth. Do not scrub. If necessary, use mild soapy water to remove more stubborn stains. Leave to dry naturally, removing any excess moisture with a cloth. Please do not machine wash, tumble dry, use strong soap or detergent, apply solvents, iron, starch or leave in direct sunlight for prolonged periods.

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  • Warranty
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The Nomad 20L Roll Top Travel Backpack is your ultimate travel companion, offering unmatched durability, protection, and comfort. With its versatile design and thoughtful features, it stands out as the top roll top backpack for any journey

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Unrivaled Comfort

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