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Voyager Starter Set

Voyager Starter Set

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Carry around even more on your adventures with our Essential Set. This ultra-thoughtful gift has the essentials for the perfect adventure — whether you're roaming around the city or on a hike. This set includes our best-selling Voyager travel backpack, ultra-premium waist belt, and our TSA-approved cable lock to keep your valuables safe and sound. This entire set is available in multiple colors to match the vibe you're going for.

  • Set includes 1 Voyager camera backpack, 1 waist belt, and 1 TSA cable lock to keep your valuables safe
  • Unbelievable value — as low as $229 for a total retail value of $350+.
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What you'll get

1. Voyager Pack

2. Rain Fly

3. Waist Straps

4. TSA Cable Lock


Voyager Pack

This is where adventure starts — our best-selling, premium camera backpack is where it happens. Tons of space, complete interior protection, lockable zippers, side access, and so much more.


Rain Fly

When it rains, it pours. Our rain cover will provide total protection from all weather conditions, including water and wind. Use our fastening buckle so you can wear your backpack with the cover on.


Waist Straps

Add some extra support for your next adventure — our waist straps are designed to support the additional weight in your backpack and making it a breeze to carry. These straps are crafted with weather-resistant and water-resistant material that makes it ideal in any weather condition.


TSA Cable Lock

Travel with peace of mind knowing that your gear and personal items are safe. Our TSA-approved cable locks are perfect for adding extra security on your travel backpack. In addition to using it with your backpack, it will also fit any other zipper like a duffle bag, pelican case or even luggage.


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The Starter Set includes The Voyager, plus:

• Rain Fly

• Waist Strap

• Cable Lock

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The Photo Bundle includes the Starter Set, plus:

• Tech Pouch

• Power Bank

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The Ultimate Set includes the Travel Set, plus:

• Filter Case

• Lens Cloth

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Save over $250+