Our Principles

Sunny 16 was founded on the principle of building products that last. We don't want to make things that will get torn up and thrown out. 

Each bag is designed and built with extreme care and delicacy — here's what makes them better than anything else available on the market. 

The smarter design

We're photographers so we understand the key deficiencies with bags that are currently available. On top of that, we’ve studied hundreds of designs, understood the flaws, and designed our bags to be better. Our bags have a classical quality, yet they're modern. That means that the bags won't look outdated in one year, or ten years from now.

The quality stitch

It's all comes down to the details. Our team of craftsmen come from a background in luxury accessories. This is the result of a lot of brainpower — we spent the majority of our time obsessing over good design and with makers in mind. Every detail from the material, to the crafting process goes through extreme careful thought. 

Designed to last

If you're anything like us, then you've probably gone through dozens of camera bags — all of which didn't meet your expectations, i.e. poorly made, too small, etc.

Our team believes in using only quality materials for our camera bags — like premium waxed canvas and solid brass hardware. We want these bags to last a lifetime, which is why we work with vendors around the globe to provide the best material possible.