Our Story

We're empowering world-class makers.

We’ve spent years studying the state of camera accessories. The more we learn, the more we’re sure: Great accessories change everything. They makes us more efficient and better artists.

Meet the founder.

Shant Kiraz is a photographer who has gone through every type of camera bag you can imagine — messengers, slings, backpacks, etc. What was the common factor?

They're all either bulky and poorly made, or "minimal" and expensive. He asked himself, why you can't have something that is both extremely functional and designed well?

With that curiosity, Sunny 16 was born with one simple mission: design and develop the best travel camera bags for makers.

Along the way, he's served a community of professional photographers and filmmakers in over 45+ countries.

We’re setting a new standard

Our designers, patternmakers and sewers at Sunny 16 Labs spend their waking hours studying the best materials and developing products based on real customer needs and feedback. The result? The most innovative camera accessories that didn't exist before.

We’re here to empower every maker in the world.

We're obsessed with the details

Our team spends a meticulous amount of detail when it comes to the details of every camera bag. From selecting the absolute best thread to researching the most waterproof material to keep your gear safe at all times.

We're bringing sunshine

We want the world to love using our accessories as much as we do. From designing our camera backpacks, we're creating more ways for you to become an even more efficient photographer.

We're maniacal about experience

Sunny 16 is customer-obsessed company when it comes to experience.

We want to exceed expectations and go above and beyond the call of duty for our customers.

Our team spends a ridiculous amount of time focusing on delivering the best experience possible — whether it's providing same-day fulfillment and working with the best shipping carriers in the world (hint: UPS), or even going out of our way to help reroute shipments for our customers.

On top of that, we provide free domestic shipping and returns — and lifetime warranties.

Our products deliver happiness

Our goal is to create products that will empower makers around the world. Whether you're using our Voyager Daypack or our Explorer messenger bag — we want to provide the arsenal to reach your ambitions as a creative.