One of our core values at Sunny 16 is to design and develop products with an attention to quality — this means no cutting corners, anywhere. In an effort to ensure the integrity of Sunny 16 products, everything undergoes strict quality control standards. We also partner only with trusted resellers around the world that share the same values and principles as we do.

We have built our brand and our products around this integrity and it is one of the single most important factors to us. An aftereffect of our products and brand gaining momentum is that others try to copy our products. It is unavoidable, but it is a reflection of inspiration. After all, we have been inspired by those before us as well. However, sometimes people do copy our products with ill intent and that can really hurt our customers. This includes scam companies, knockoff products and fake advertising.

The one and only

Fighting counterfeit products is a concern for Sunny 16. Our products’ success has made us into a target for counterfeiters and unauthorized sellers. When Sunny 16-branded products or imitations are purchased through unapproved channels from illegal resellers, we cannot guarantee their authenticity and quality, thus the warranty protection is not applicable.

The only way to be sure you are buying an original product is to shop directly from our online store – sunny16.com or from one of the authorized Sunny 16 resellers.

Be on the lookout

The fight against counterfeiting is a long-term process, therefore we encourage our customers to avoid purchasing Sunny 16 products from unauthorized sellers. There are many promising offers, but purchasing from an unreliable source can put you, your personal data and credit card details at risk, aside from receiving a product inferior in terms of quality or nothing at all. 


There are many scammers out there trying to sell knockoff products or claim that they are resellers of Sunny 16, but if you have any suspicions, please contact our team directly about this to confirm before making any purchase.

Just be careful (and smart)

Sunny 16 works very hard to be aware of any counterfeits, knockoffs or scammers out there and try to prevent anyone from being tricked into a sale. It is up to you as a consumer to be careful for what you buy. We always encourage you to double check the resellers and make sure that you are buying from Sunny 16 directly or from an authorized reseller. If you see anything that you are suspicious about, please reach out and our team will confirm.

Spot a fake? Tell us

If you spot a counterfeit, knockoff or scam, please contact us.