The Voyager Smart Backpack

The Voyager smart backpack is the perfect bag for everyday use, work and commuting. Its lightweight and durable materials make it ideal when you're traveling around as well. The interior can hold up to 31L of storage capacity and there are many smart features, including a robust USB port to charge your devices on the go.

USB Charging


Trolley Sleeve

Just a few reasons why you'll want this smart backpack..

Stylish Design + Waterproof

Right off the bat, you'll notice that the Voyager smart backpack is a looker! The stylish design looks chic yet minimal at the same time. The best part is that when you stuff this smart backpack with your personal items, it maintains the shapes and always sits upright.The main material for the exterior is 1000D tarpaulin and it also features water-resistant zippers — this means that water will not be going into your backpack! Just don't submerge it in water and you should be good to go.

Versatile & Huge Capacity


Unlike many backpacks that sacrifice functionally for design, the Nordace Siena Smart Backpack does no such thing. This backpack features a large storage area for clothing, umbrellas, bathroom essentials, shoes, electronics and more. It also has numerous hidden pockets. Total volume for the backpack is an impressive 19L.. 

Anti Theft Smart Backpack

We've included tons of secret compartments to make sure that all your valuables stay safe from pickpockets. On top of that, we've also included lockable zippers to ensure that nobody opens your pack without you noticing first.

USB Charging

You can keep your gear charged at all times with the Voyager smart backpack! Simply connect your power bank on the inside of the pack and then connect your own USB cable on the outside of the backpack. Next, just plug in your device and voila! You can charge any devices that has USB capabilities.

Complete Comfort

The Voyager smart backpack features "S" shape backpack straps and extremely thick padding on the back and the shoulder straps. Even when you pack this bag with a ton of items, you won't feel a thing.

Smarter Traveling

The Voyager features a trolley sleeve so you can easily slip it onto your luggage as you roll your way through the airport. That way, you can rest your shoulders without worrying about anything (except catching your flight!)

Tablet + Laptop Sleeve

The Voyager smart backpack features a laptop sleeve that can easily fit a 16" laptop, plug a tablet sleeve (fits most kindles and e-reading devices). We've also added extra padding in the sleeves to protect your gear at all times.

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The Voyager Smart Backpack

The ultimate smart backpack for work, school and adventures

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