Brevite Camera Bag vs. Sunny 16 Voyager Backpack

Finding the perfect camera bag to hold all of your gear can be a challenge. It’s expensive gear that needs a protective bag to travel everywhere. Does a Brevite camera bag offer the qualifications to carry your camera safely? We will discuss the Brevite brand and compare it to the Voyager camera backpack.

We traveled with both camera backpacks recently to see if they held up during different trips. Here’s what we learned. As far as hiking/travel backpacks go, the Sunny 16 Voyager checks most of the boxes. It has an internal frame that is much more comfortable to carry than a traditional backpack. It has a padded laptop sleeve, this is a great option if you have a laptop or tablet and don’t want to bring a traditional suitcase.

Brevite Camera Bags

While these are touted as being 'camera bags', they are most certainly not optimally designed to carry your most important gear. From the polyester material (which will soak up water) to easy access to your gear — this is the opposite of what you'll want when looking for a camera backpack. That being said, we're going to jump into a few key areas of why Brevite is not ideal as a photography backpack.

Not Safe or Secure

One issue with the Brevite camera bag is the design of the front pocket. When you open the front pocket, it gives you total access to your camera gear. It’s not ideal when you're walking around because people can easily steal your valuables. However, the Sunny 16 Voyager features a back-panel access and lockable zippers to ensure that no pickpockets hands have easy access to your most valuable equipment.

Pretty Much No Padding

Brevite camera bags boast a variety of features that may appeal to photographers, but there are some drawbacks to the padding that potential customers should be aware of. For example, the padding is not as thick as some other brands, which could put your camera at risk if you drop the bag. Again, you wouldn't want to put your valuable gear inside this bag because it can easily be tossed around and get damaged.

Alternatively, the Sunny 16 Voyager backpack comes with thick interior padding to keep your equipment (and laptop/tablet) safe — along with a highly breathable mesh padding for complete comfort.

Small Interior Capacity

You can't fit anything into this backpack if you're serious about photography and traveling!

The Brevite camera bags are designed to hold a small amount of gear, making them unsuitable for those who want to travel full scale. You need something larger but not too large like the Voyager bag, which has a standard interior capacity for pro photography.

Too Expensive

The Brevite camera backpack is just flat out expensive for what you're getting. The backpack actually used to cost $99 in 2020, now they're charging $169 with no additional functionality added to the product.

The Voyager anti-theft camera backpack on the other hand provides more interior space (31L), discreet design, thicker padding, USB port for charging your devices, security features, and so much more — for the same price!

USB Port for Charging

The Brevite camera bag falls short of a practical USB port for charging your devices. When you're on a shoot, your camera batteries will get drained naturally. If you're in a remote location, you're out of luck if there's no outlet nearby. 

On the other hand, the Voyager camera backpack features a USB port so you can easily charge your electronics while you're on the move.

Voyager Camera Backpack - Anti-Theft Features - USB Port

Are Brevite Bags Worth it?

The Brevite backpack has decent construction, but the problem is with the materials and functionality and that you're not getting what you're paying for.

The materials used to build the bag are inferior to what the Voyager uses, and that really becomes clear when you use it compared to the Voyager. The lining on the Brevite camera backpack is a bit poor, and it shows.

The Brevite camera bag is made of polyester fabric with a smooth finish that is prone to wrinkling. It's a good fabric for the inner layer, but you should use it only for that purpose. If you place any kind of soft plastic or fabric item in the pouch on the camera bag, it's going to get easily scratched.

The Camera Backpack That’s Actually Worth It

There is a lot of competition out there when you are shopping for the best camera bag. Take into consideration what type of photography you do, the weather conditions of your travel destination, and what style you prefer. I mean, just look at this baby:

Sunny 16 Voyager Camera Bag Backpack for Photography - Best Waterproof Backpack

The Voyager is a great bag for carrying your camera gear. It is made of durable materials and has plenty of room for all your gear.

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