Think Tank Camera Bag vs. Sunny 16 Voyager Camera Backpack

Think Tank is a photography gear company that makes many camera bags.  The Think Tank Retrospective Backpack is less popular than their shoulder bag, but Think Tank claims their bag is large enough for most photographers.

At first glance, the Think Tank camera bag (specifically the Retrospective) looks to have many of the Voyager camera backpack’s best features. But looking a bit closer, Think Tank may have missed some really important details that will negatively affect your photoshoots and wallet.

Because Think Tank introduced their backpack later in their product line, this is kind of expected.

Think Tank Camera Bag's Poor Design

Think Tank has released a camera bag and it has already been met with criticism. The company came under fire when the design of their new bag was revealed. In particular, the new bag is said to have a problem with leaks and is prone to losing items if they’re not fully zippered closed.

On the other hand, the Sunny 16 features a sleek design that provides multiple access points for your camera gear.

Think Tank Camera Bag vs Sunny 16 Camera Bag

Small Storage Capacity

The Think Tank camera bag has been called a "disappointment" by some because it does not have enough pockets and compartments. The Sunny 16 Voyager comes with a large capacity of 30L as opposed to 20L of the Think Tank camera bag.

Think Tank Camera Bag vs Sunny 16 Camera Bag - Lots of Space

I mean, just look at how much gear you can fit in there! The Think Tank Retrospective shoulder bags and camera backpacks have enough space for maybe 1 camera body and 1-2 lenses.


Doesn't Provide Enough Protection

Many users are afraid that there is not enough protection for their camera equipment. While others are commenting that it won’t protect lenses that much. The Sunny 16 features a padded interior to keep your equipment safe.


Floppy and No Structure 

You could have all the space in the world for a laptop, camera, and other important items, but that won’t help if they’re all just going to bounce around. The Sunny 16 Voyager is a great option for photographers who need a sturdy and spacious bag to carry their equipment.

The Sunny 16 Voyager Camera Backpack will not fall over when standing upright! Look at this beauty:

Think Tank Camera Bag vs Sunny 16 Camera Bag - Profile

Way Too Heavy 

The materials used in the Think Tank camera bag are not the greatest, and the bag's biggest issue is that it's basically all canvas. 

The Sunny 16 camera backpack weighs less than 3lbs which means that it's a lightweight option so it doesn't weigh you down when traveling to your next photoshoot location.

Not Professional

The Think Tank brand has a pretty specific aesthetic and some of their newer products might not fit that bill.

Think Tank Camera Bag vs Sunny 16 Camera Bag

Too Expensive

They're charging $250 for their backpack which is way overpriced for what you're getting!

Again, the Sunny 16 offers a lower price tag with a durable fabric.

Do Think Tank Camera Bags Collapse?

This is a question that many photographers ask themselves when purchasing new or used Think Tank camera bags. The answer is, it depends. Some Think Tank bags are designed to fold, while others are not. It is crucial to know the difference before making a purchase. 

When purchasing a Think Tank mirrorless camera bag, it is essential to look at the description of the bag to make sure it can fold or collapse. If you buy a bag that can’t collapse, it will be awkward to store or carry while traveling.

As one of the leading brands in the US, Sunny 16 knows a thing or two about travel. From its classic backpacks and photography accessories to its sleek camera bags, Sunny 16 provides quality, thoughtful luggage products at reasonable prices. The Sunny 16 Voyager is the ultimate backpack for travelers who want the convenience of a case that just fits everything, without the bulk.

Think Tank Camera Bag vs. Sunny 16 Voyager

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