Photography Tips

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What is Street Style Photography - How to Take Good Street Photography - Street People Photos

What is Street Photography?

Whether you’ve just bought your first DSLR, or you’re an established pro, street photography can be intimidating for anyone to approach. The question “what is street photography” seems like it shou...

How to Become a Professional Photographer - What do Photographers Do - How to be a Good Photographer - Is Photography a Good Career

10 Best Tips and Tricks for How to Become a Professional Photographer

Ever wondered how to become a professional photographer, even with no experience? Though you might have felt discouraged in the past, thinking about whether you have what it takes, maybe it's time ...

digital photography basicsWhat is the Best Camera for Photography?

What is the Best Camera for Photography?

So, you’ve decided it’s time to invest in more than just your phone as your camera. No doubt, you’re excited to get your hands on a good camera for photography. But, with so many options, where do ...

How Much is Wedding Photography - How Much does Wedding Photography Cost - Wedding Photography Cost

How Much Does Wedding Photography Cost?

For many, a wedding is one of the biggest and most special days of their lives. So, when they hire someone to take wedding photographs, they're expecting close to perfect.  Talk about a lot of pres...

digital photography basicsWhat is Boudoir Photography? Boudoir Photo Examples & Tips

What is Boudoir Photography? Boudoir Photo Examples & Tips

You might be wondering, what is boudoir photography? Itching with romance and sensuality, boudoir photography has captured the hearts and minds of many since the 1920s. But, what is this type of ph...

digital photography basicsWhat is Portrait Photography - Portrait Photography - Shooting Portrait Photography - Sunny 16

What is Portrait Photography? Definition, Examples & Tips

From the black & white portraits of the Old West, to the more modern headshots, we've been obsessed with portrait photography for a long time. In fact, one of the first permanent photographs we...