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7 Best Men’s Designer Fanny Packs for Travel

Mens’ fanny packs are re-emerging in our culture and becoming more fashionable than ever. This versatile, functional bag can be useful and be worn in cooler, wilder ways now. In this article, we will discuss the Best Mens’ Fanny Packs for Travel and how to wear them on your next trip. 

In the 90s, mens’ fanny packs had one style only—around the waist. You probably know someone’s dad who wore it on a family vacation with khaki shorts and a tucked in t-shirt. However, recently the fashion industry has brought back this old friend and made it young again.

Luxury brands like Prada and Balenciaga have added it to their collection and celebrities wear it proudly. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to add mens’ fanny packs to your style. 

How to Pack a Fanny Pack

Mens fanny packs are small, yet useful for everyday travel. You are able to carry all the essentials such as your phone, wallet, gum, face mask, and even a power bank to charge your phone. Instead of walking around with a backpack and sweating, you are still carrying the items you need without the extra weight. 

Fannies are especially helpful for travel gurus because they are more appealing for photo ops than a big heavy bag. If you’re a light traveler then a mens’ fanny pack might be the bag for you! Now let’s dive into the new ways to wear fanny packs. 

How to Wear a Fanny Pack

What are the ways to wear mens’ fanny packs? 

  1. Classic Dad - strapped around the waist, either facing forward or on the side.
  2. Crossbody - strapped over the shoulder, resting on the chest.
  3. Purse - On the shoulder
  4. Backpack - strapped over the shoulder, resting on the back.

For the iconic style of mens’ fanny packs, these options are useful to change it up throughout the week. For custom made styles such as holsters, the options are less versatile (something to consider before purchasing). 

Mens’ Designer Fanny Packs

There’s a wide variety of mens’ fanny packs by famous designers. We’ve chosen the top seven best fanny packs for men.

Let's jump in!

1. Prada Re-Nylon belt bag ($1,270)

An Italian brand that has brought groundbreaking collections with a touch of casual sportswear. It’s one of the better options for those looking for a sportier style.


2. Herschel Eighteen Waist Pack ($77)

It might not be a flashy style but it still has a simple, clean look that won’t break the bank.  

Mens Fanny Packs - Herschel Eighteen Waist Pack - Sunny 16 Bags


3. Lululemon Fast and Free Running Belt ($38)

Lululemon has transformed mens’ fanny packs to a more simpler, near-logoless style that brings practicality.


4. Saint Laurent YSL Belt Bag ($1,250)

For a  monochrome style, this bag provides luxury without the screaming patterns. 

Mens Fanny Packs - YSL Belt Bag - Sunny 16 Bags


5. Gucci Ophidia GG belt bag ($1,100)

Gucci fanny pack that catches attention quickly with the famous brand pattern. 


6. AAPE Belt Bag ($76)

Color fanny packs are a good accessory for a sporty look with a good price tag.

Mens Fanny Packs - AAPE Fanny Belt Bag - Sunny 16 Bags


7. AMIRI Shoulder Holster-style Belt Bag ($1,147)

A very innovative style to the iconic fanny pack that can be fashionable, yet simple. 

What's Your Favorite Fanny Pack for Men?

It’s safe to say that mens’ fanny packs have made a comeback! There are endless options for mens fanny packs and fresh ways to wear them on travel trips. Do you prefer fanny packs or backpacks? To read more on travel bags, check out our next article…

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