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Newborn Photography: How to Photograph Newborns

Have you been wondering how to do newborn photography? There's nothing cuter (or weirder) than a newborn baby wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket. No doubt, parents love to have memories of their baby when it was at its smallest. That's why they hire photographers.

But, how do you capture that cuteness? It’s not always easy, given the gentleness required to do it right. 

Fortunately, this article will example everything you need to know about newborn photography.

Newborn Photography Basics

How to Take Infant Photos - How to Do Newborn Photography - Newborn Baby Photoshoot

So you want to know how to do newborn photography? Well, before anything else, let’s start with the basics. 

If it wasn't obvious, this genre of photography focuses on capturing newborn babies. These subjects should be as little as 7-14 days old, and no older. Crazy, right?

Unlike other niches, infant photography centers around the well-being of the subject. Even if you have a great idea for a shot, it's not worth pursuing if it puts the baby at risk. 

Good newborn photography is all about balance. Make sure the baby is safe and comfy while you get that super cute and unique shot!

Luckily, we have plenty of tips for doing just that.

Newborn Photography - How to Do Newborn Photography - How to Wrap Newborn PhotographyHow do you Take Good Newborn Pictures?

Again, taking quality newborn photos is all about balance. Here are the best tips for getting the little caterpillar set up just right:

Create a Safe Set

How to Wrap Newborn Photography - How to Do Newborn Photography - Newborn Baby Photography

Regardless of where the photos are being taken, it’s important to create a safe set. Here are some things you’ll need:

  • Blankets
  • Wraps
  • Heat
  • Sound

These things are all about comfort. Blankets and wraps will allow the baby to relax in a soft space. A heater can help keep the baby from getting too cold, as he/she is fragile at such a young age. And finally, calming music or ambient noise can further calm the baby.

These are just some initial steps on how to photograph newborns.

Pack Newborn Photography Props in your Camera Bag

How to Photograph Newborns - How to Do Newborn Photography - Newborn Wrapping Photos

Now that you know the more essential things you need to bring, it’s also important to consider props. A cute little wagon or flowers can give the photo that extra touch it needs.

You’ll also need a camera bag to pack everything you need. For safety and security during, we recommend The Voyager. This camera and lens backpack packs a serious amount of gear for its size, fitting two DSLRs, up to seven lenses, a laptop, a tablet, and other accessories. All this storage makes it easy to pack anything and everything you’ll need for your newborn photoshoot. Plus this a great camera backpack for women and men!

How to Pose Newborn Photography

Unlike working with traditional models, there aren’t a whole lot of ways you can pose a newborn. However, the best way to pose one is to consider comfort and ease. Laying the baby face-down on a blanket is a popular option, for example.

If you’re trying to change the baby’s pose, always try to do so in an organic way. Warm your hands by the heater, and then gently shift the baby in the direction you want to move them.

How to do newborn photography isn't as hard as it seems. Just make sure that you don’t get any of their limbs stuck under their body, as you want their blood to flow freely!

If you're still wondering how to do newborn photography poses, take a look at the video below which breaks it down:

Communicate with Parents

Newborn Photography - How to Do Newborn Photography - Newborn Photos and Portraits

Always make sure that you communicate with parents before you start shooting. After all, newborn photography is mostly for them!

Ask them about what colors or props they like, or if they want to be in the picture. Never do anything a parent isn’t comfortable with.

How do you Take Newborn Pictures at Home?

Whether you’re a photographer going to someone’s house, or a dedicated mom, in-home newborn photography should be done with care.

Here’s how to take quality In-home newborn photography: 

Preparing a Space

You don’t need a fancy studio to make a safe and effective set. Simply laying some blankets over the couch or on the floor can do the trick. Just make sure you cut off anything you don’t want to see in your photo!

Newborn Photography - How to Do Newborn Photography - In Home Newborn Photography

How to Wrap Newborn Photography

Newborn wrapping isn’t as hard as it looks! Follow these steps:

  1. Rest blanket under the baby’s body, with one side longer than the other
  2. Criss-cross the baby’s legs
  3. Raise hands up near the face
  4. Pull the shorter side up to the baby’s shoulder tightly and tuck it under the shoulder
  5. Lift the bottom of the blanket and hold it in place against the baby
  6. Pull the longer side over the bottom part you’re holding and tuck it under the baby
  7. Continue to wrap the longer side of the blanket around the baby until you run out of length

Use Ambient Lighting

How do you create good infant photography without studio lights or photography flashes? Well, it’s important to rely on the ambient lighting of your house. Make use of windows, lamps and other light sources to give your photos the brightness they need.

Newborn Photography - How to Photograph Newborn - In Home Newborn Photography

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There’s something amazing about taking pictures of tiny things. So, now that you know all about newborn photography, why not expand your knowledge further.

If you’re interested in taking pictures of more cute, tiny and fascinating creatures, check out our article on macro photography!

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