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23 Best Female Model Poses for Photoshoots

Female model poses can be difficult to master and can become overwhelming at times.

After all, not knowing what poses for girls that work can muddy your shot, and make it difficult to capture your concept. We've already learned about male model poses and best poses for boys so what's different about female model poses?

Well, luckily there are several striking model female poses that can enhance any photo. Whether you can't think of how to pose your models, or can't narrow down all poses you like, having a concrete list of the best model poses for females can do wonders.

In this article, we'll showcase the top 23 best professional model female poses, as well as provide some tips for their use.  

Plan the shoot

You'd be surprised how easy it is to forget important details when you don't have a reference. Study your favorite female model poses and save them to your phone, as you'll want them to be accessible during your shoot. 

To set the tone for your photoshoot poses you can also make a moodboard. Doing so can help you compose your shots by outlining important details. 

Think about hiring a photo assistant to help you plan and set up your photoshoot poses.

Prep your model

Don’t be afraid to talk to your model. Let her know what poses you’ll be doing and what mood you’re aiming for. 

Discuss wardrobe choices before the photoshoot so your model is fully prepared.

Assemble your gear

Make sure you have your portrait lens (ideally 85mm), and bring a few microfiber cloths

Think about packing a make-up kit and some extra accessories.

Bring your camera bag for easy access to equipment. We recommend The Voyager, as it'll have the space to hold all your needs. Even with all your camera equipment packed, you'll still have plenty of storage for other essentials in the front pockets. 

Prep the female poses

When posing a woman for full-length portraits, various poses can enhance the overall composition and highlight the model's features. A classic stand pose works well to create a poised and elegant look. Instruct the model to turn slightly to one side, which can create a more dynamic and flattering angle. Encouraging the model to cross one leg over the other can add grace and sophistication to the pose.

Additionally, having the model lean slightly forward or to one side can introduce a relaxed pose that appears natural and engaging. For a more impactful shot, position the model's body part closest to the camera, such as a leg or arm, to emphasize depth and perspective. Posing guides often recommend these techniques to ensure the pose works harmoniously with the model's physique and the photographer's vision.

23 Best Model Poses for Females

  1. The Close up
  2. Hands in Hair
  3. Hands on Face
  4. Over the Shoulder
  5. Frontal Head and Shoulders
  6. Breezy Hair
  7. Shoulder Tilt
  8. The Arm Hold
  9. Back Against the Wall 
  10. Three Quarter Pose
  11. Hands on the Hips
  12. Full Frontal Pose 
  13. Leaning Sideways
  14. Standing with a Prop 
  15. The Walk 
  16. Back Toward the Camera
  17. Leaning Back in Chair
  18. Sitting Pretty
  19. Laying on the Side
  20. Sexy Sprawl
  21. Feet in the Air
  22. The Pirouette
  23.  The Big Jump 


1. The Close up

Best Model Poses Female - Female Photoshoot Poses for Girls - Closeup - Sunny 16

Simple, stunning and powerful; the close up shot is a simple model female pose that can yield fantastic results.  The level of detail you can capture on the model's face makes this one of the best portrait poses

Try to capture the detailed beauty of your model's eyes. Encourage her to bring some emotion to her face, as you'll want to avoid a dead-eyed look. 

In general, close up shots like this require finesse with your camera. To enhance focus on the face, try using a large aperture between f/2 and f/4. This will blur the background and ensure that your model is the star of the shot. 

Also, try to position the camera angle straight-no (or slightly above) for the most flattering angle on your subject.

2. Hands in Hair

Best Model Poses Female - Female Photoshoot Poses for Girls - Hands in Hair - Sunny 16

Whether your model has locks like Rapunzel or a simple pixie cut, this can be an amazing model female pose. One of the main benefits of this pose is that it's simple and can make anyone with any body type look amazing. 

Have your model experiment with how she touches or runs her fingers through her hair. Don't be afraid to take several different shots. 

We also recommend raising your shutter speed if you're having trouble capturing the detail of your model's hair.

3. Hands on Face

Best Model Poses Female - Photography Poses for Female - Hands on Face - Sunny 16

If you want to bring your portraits to life, have your model rest her hands on her face. This can be a great photoshoot pose for girls, as it can provide action to an otherwise stagnant image. 

From a gentle hand on the cheek to a delicate twist of the hair, hands can be a great way to frame your model's face.

Like other portraits think about using a low ISO between 100 and 400, so you can produce a clear and grain-free result. Especially when shooting outside, you're going to want to keep your ISO close to 100.

Don't be afraid to experiment with different angles either when it comes to this female model pose.

4. Over the Shoulder

Best Model Poses Female - Female Photoshoot Poses for Girls - Medium Shot - Sunny 16

If you want a portrait with a more flirty look, try having your model look over her shoulder. While this isn't inherently one of the most sexy poses for women, it can have a subtle allure. 

This pose for women is especially useful for accentuating angles in the model's face and shoulders. Her jaw line will look more pronounced, and you'll get some of her face’s profile. 

Overall, this model female pose can be a great way to add mystery and beauty to your portrait.

5. Tilted Head

Best Model Poses Female - Female Photoshoot Poses for Girls - Blue Eyes - Sunny 16

To capture more than just your model's face, while still emphasizing her expression, think about using this model female pose. 

Seeing her shoulders in the shot can help frame her face, without losing detail. You can also frame her face further by asking her to use her hands. Just remember that your main focus should still be her face. 

This type of shot can also be a clever way to create a nude portrait without any real nudity, as you'll only capture her shoulders and collarbone.

6. Breezy Hair

Best Model Poses Female - Photography Poses for Female - Hand in Hair - Sunny 16

We've all seen those product commercials where models have God-like flowing hair. Luckily, with a bit of styling and a fan or hairdryer, you too can homebrew that breezy look. 

Giving your model breezy hair can make your photoshoot pose feel light, fun and casual. You can still capture the beauty of her face, while also accentuating her amazing hair! Her flowing locks will also bring welcomed action to your shot. 

Depending on how crazy your model's hair gets, you'll want to prioritize your camera's shutter speed. A speed of 1/2,000 sec will ensure that you capture detailed strands of hair without increasing your ISO speed to the point of risking image noise.

If you’re shooting on-location and there’s no natural wind available, use a large fan to bring this female model pose to life!

7. Shoulder Tilt

Best Model Poses Female - Photography Poses for Female - Arm Lower - Sunny 16

Want to add some flair and subtle movement to an otherwise still frontal woman pose? Having your female model tilt her shoulders is a great way to capture that mood. 

This pose for girls works at many distances. For example, you can capture an interesting shot that frames only your model's face and shoulders, or one that shows off her whole body. 

Tell your model to relax and create a natural, angular flow from one side of her body to the other. The last thing you want is a stiff look, so ensure that she keeps her breath steady!

8. The Arm Hold

Best Model Poses Female - Female Photoshoot Poses for Girls - Holding Arm - Sunny 16

If you're looking for a female model pose that radiates innocence and simplicity, look no further than this female body pose. This pose is a great way to add interest to your model's upper body, without making things too busy. 

Tell your model to relax her shoulders and lean into her arms so you can capture a natural look. 

9. Back Against the Wall

Best Model Poses Female - Female Photoshoot Poses for Girls - Leaning Against Tree - Sunny 16

If you're working with a beginner model, think about having her lean up against a building or brick wall. Having a solid surface to lean on will make it easier for her to create a balanced pose.

To accentuate the model pose and the portion of the wall closest to you, be sure to use a large aperture. Try between f/1.8 and f/2.8 to blur the part of the wall growing distant behind your model. This will create a stunning sense of depth. 

10. Three Quarter Pose

Best Model Poses Female - Photography Poses for Female -Three Quarter - Sunny 16

The three-quarter pose is an alluring model female pose that captures your model's face and profile. 

Tell your model to stand with her hips facing away from the camera, and shoulders turned towards the camera. Be sure that her positioning looks natural, as you don't want her body to appear contorted. 

This can be a great pose to start your photo shoot with, as it'll be easy to transition your model into other poses.

11. Hands on the Hips

Best Model Poses Female - Female Photoshoot Poses for Girls - Arm on Hip - Sunny 16

To give your model a more powerful pose, try having her put a hand, or both hands, on her hips. 

Not only does this pose for women have a dominant feminine look, but it can also work to slim your model down! Her arms will accentuate her hips and make her waist look smaller, while also giving her a more interesting body weight distribution. 

Try having her pop her shoulders and collarbone forward, or switching between which side she's leaning on. These slight changes will have a noticeable effect on the mood of your photoshoot poses.

12. Full Frontal Pose

Best Model Poses Female - Female Photoshoot Poses for Girls - Full Body Shot - Sunny 16

You can't go wrong with the simplicity of a full frontal model pose. To achieve it, your model should pose with her shoulders squared to the camera. 

Remember that simplicity doesn't have to equate to boring. Capture interest in your full frontal pose by having your model use her hands. She can rest her thumbs on her belt loops, or reach up to touch her hair. 

On the other hand, you can also draw viewers in by directing her gaze. Have her into the lens, 45 degrees to the left or right, or even into the key light. 

If you want to include an interesting background behind your model you might want to consider using a smaller aperture. While it isn’t a requirement for the pose, having a nice view of the model and her background can create beautiful shots. 

13. Leaning Sideways

Best Model Poses Female - Female Photoshoot Poses for Girls - Leaning On Wall - Sunny 16

Leaning sideways is an interesting model female pose that can give your photo a sense of ease. Regardless of what your model is leaning on, the pose will allow your model to change her focal point to something other than the camera. 

Of course, ensure that your model is in a balanced position, especially if she is wearing heels. You don't want to put her in a risky position!

Overall, make your photo dramatic without being excessive, so the pose can capture your audience.

14. Standing with a Prop

Best Model Poses Female - Female Photoshoot Poses for Girls - Voyager Backpack - Sunny 16

Working with props gives you a lot of options. From leaning against a ladder to holding a backpack, you can capture interesting and dynamic interactions. 

You don't even have to go overboard looking for useful props. As shown by this photo, something as simple as your camera bag can add character to your shot. 

So whether you're shooting female action poses or still poses, consider using a prop or two!

15. The Walk

Best Model Poses Female - Female Photoshoot Poses for Girls - Walking Photo - Sunny 16

Walking toward the camera is an interesting female action pose that can allow you to capture a beautiful silhouette. 

To avoid motion blur, ask your model to walk slowly. For the sake of composition, tell her to exaggerate her walk so you can frame one foot in front of the other in your shot.  

Walking shots also tend to work better when complimented by an interesting location. It can be one of the best outdoor photography poses for females. Take your model out to the beach or the city and have her walk around her environment.

16. Back Toward the Camera

Best Model Poses Female - Photography Poses for Female -Back of Head - Sunny 16

Another stunning way to capture your model's surroundings, try having her face away from the camera. You can create a beautiful silhouette of her body by capturing her whole back. 

This female pose highlights the model's perspective, as you're capturing what she's seeing. For this reason, this pose pairs well with breathtaking locations and interesting backgrounds. 

To capture the detail of your model and her background, try finding the aperture sweet spot of your lens. This is located two to three f/stops from the widest aperture. We recommend starting between f/7.1 to f/13, but play around until you find the ideal level of sharpness.

17. Leaning Back in Chair

Best Model Poses Female - Photography Poses for Female -Sitting Down - Sunny 16

Using a chair can provide you with a versatile range of seated poses. Have your model experiment with her positioning, and don't be afraid to take several test shots.   

As the photographer, think about which angle the shot should be taken from. A view from above will have a different mood than one from below. 

Also consider the height of the chair and the positioning of your model's legs. For obvious reasons, you'll want to avoid awkward positions and unwarranted crotch shots.

18. Relaxed sitting

Best Model Poses Female - Photography Poses for Female - Leaning Forward - Sunny 16

Similarly to sitting in a chair, this model female pose can be incredibly versatile. Think about taking your model outside to a deck, sidewalk, or any other interesting surface she can sit on. 

The beauty of this pose lies in the positioning of the model's arms and legs. Have her experiment with the way she holds her arms, bends her knees and sprawls out her legs. Remember, one of your main goals is to create intriguing shapes. 

19. Laying on the Side

Best Model Poses Female - Photography Poses for Female - Laying on Beach - Sunny 16

When done correctly, laying on the side can be a relaxed, yet powerful pose. 

Consider every element of your model's clothing. Make sure her clothes are laying on her body in a flattering way, as you don't want weird creases or folds. 

You can also frame the model's body and face by having her place a soft hand under her jawline. This will prop her head up and give a more natural and relaxed feel.

20. Sexy Sprawl

Best Model Poses Female - Female Photoshoot Poses for Girls - Sexy Pose Laying in Bed - Sunny 16

Capturing a sexy pose for women isn't as easy as you might think. However, this pose lets you do so while still keeping a classy look. 

Have your model lay down on a flat surface, with her back against it. Find ways to create shapes with her body that accentuate her natural flow. This position can be enhanced by her hair and clothing, as you'll want to ensure that they too flow around her body. 

Also, even if this is a full body pose, remember that her face can be a great focal point. Focusing on her eyes and expression can really set the tone of the shot.

21. Feet in the Air

Best Model Poses Female - Photography Poses for Female - Kate Hudson - Sunny 16

If you want a shot of your model laying down that leans away from the "sexy", try this classic model female pose. 

Dynamic and alluring, this pose can be captured from multiple angles. Try taking shots of your model from the front and the sides so you can see which angle you prefer. 

For added interest, have you model position her hands on or around her jawline. Especially if you're shooting from the front, this will frame her face beautifully. 

22. The Pirouette

Best Model Poses Female - Female Photoshoot Poses for Girls - Dancing - Sunny 16

Implied movement can be a great way to create an interesting photograph. Have your model move her hands and legs as if she were dancing. 

If you see an interesting action pose you'd like to capture, take a few shots with your camera. 

Keep in mind that you'll need to have your timing down to capture a good shot. Try setting your ISO up to at least 800–1600, and use a wide aperture to increase focus.

23. The Big Jump

Best Model Poses Female - Female Photoshoot Poses for Girls - Jumping - Sunny 16

If dancing doesn't cut it, you can have your model jump into the air. This female action pose can help create exciting and lively photos. 

Be wary though, as capturing a good jump can be difficult. Watch out for strange facial expressions, rambunctious hair, and weird fingers. 

Give your model plenty of feedback and don't be afraid to shoot multiple times. 

Again, think about raising your ISO to 1600, to ensure that you capture every detail.

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Well, now that you have a list of effective female poses for models, it's time to apply what you’ve learned. Get inspired! Save some examples for your next photoshoot. 

Let us know in the comments which pose you want to capture next!

And, if you’re interested in capturing male models, check out our article on the best male poses!

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